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Mobility strength training for seniors

pFIT is the fitness program that brings the instructor and specialty equipment right into retirement residences, seniors centres, and condos for a group leg strengthening class. If your facility does not have the expertise or equipment, pFIT is the turnkey solution that helps keep seniors on their feet!

We believe the single most important exercise seniors can do for mobility is leg strengthening. After the age of 50, the body loses muscle mass at the rate of 1.5 - 5% per year. By age 75, it becomes noticeable, especially in the largest muscle group: the legs.

So we created pFIT to make it easy for seniors to engage in leg strengthening to increase their mobility. The instructor leads up to 10 participants through a social and fun 30-minute group class to build and maintain leg strength. Every 8 weeks, participants are provided with an evidence-based strength report to reinforce their progress.

pFIT is the only program of its kind that provides seniors with a way to effectively strengthen their legs from a chair or wheelchair. Each participants uses a p44 Stepper that was clinically-proven in a York University research study to increase leg strength by an average of 36.8% in only 10 weeks. This increase in leg strength directly affected the study participants' mobility, including increased ability to stand from a chair and balance.

But don't just take our word for it...

The p44 Stepper equipment was designed specifically for the needs of older adults. The independent stepping motion allows each leg to complete its own range of motion against a different resistance setting side-to-side. This allows the flexibility to push both legs together, alternating, or even use just one. The stepping motion is easier on arthritic knee joints than a cycle and allows each leg to work to its own ability (especially great for users who have had a stroke or other condition that affects each side of the body differently).

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