pFIT is the mobile fitness service that brings the instructor and speciality equipment right to older adults in retirement communities, older adult and veteran centers, condos, and places of worship for a group strength training program.

pFIT started as a York University research study and we continue to emphasize evidence-based data to monitor strength improvements.


 The certified pFIT instructor leads up to 10 participants of any age and ability through a fun and social 30-minute group class to build and maintain leg strength using the p44 Stepper. The p44 Stepper is the only portable resistance device used from a chair or wheelchair for clinically-proven leg strengthening and functional improvement. Every six weeks, participants receive an evidence-based progress report to track strength improvement and maintain motivation.

 The social atmosphere of a pFIT class is the other key to success. Participants have more fun, get stronger, and stick with the program because they exercise in a group, listen to music, and interact with their peers. Our participants range in age from 61 to 99, with varying abilities and fitness goals.

pFIT is a turnkey (no capital expenditure, equipment maintenance, or staffing costs), clinically-proven, and fun way to reverse age-related strength loss. Increases in strength can improve balance and mobility, reduce the risk of falling, and ultimately helps maintain personal independence.

pFIT is helping keep ALL older adults on their feet!