Better Motion Group was founded in 2007 as a Canadian product design and manufacturing company based in Aurora, ON. It has since expanded into knowledge-based services as well as products.
Purpose: To transform knowledge into better products and services.
Core Values:

  • use engineering to guide all activities and support engineering development
  • foster a corporate culture where every idea from every source is given equal opportunity and recognition
  • utilize profits for the betterment of the company, its people, and society
  • ethical conduct in all areas

Steven J. Coates, P.Eng
President and Founder
While Steve hates to be labelled as an “inventor,” he proudly accepts the mantle of “entrepreneur” and has been one since graduating in 1982 from the University of Toronto with a degree in mechanical engineering. He spent 10 years building a petrochemical construction business, managing the Alberta division while always innovating equipment and techniques in that field.  In 1992, he moved back to Ontario and started Kingsno Projects, where he developed and patented a leak detection system for storage tanks. In 2002, his engineering skills were put to the test by switching fields completely to manage the engineering department of a Tier 1 automotive supplier.  With the meltdown of that industry in 2007, he founded Better Motion Group with his son, Andrew, and brought to market the Hiker adult tricycle, a pet project that Steve had been working on for a decade. While moderately successful, the customer interaction exposed the need for a rethink of chair mounted exercise equipment. This led to developing and patenting the p44 Stepper and creation of the pFIT portable group strength training program.  Steve has been married to Wendy for 29 years and in addition to his son Andrew has two daughters, Amanda and Candace.


Andrew Coates
Business Development Manager
Andrew is a graduate of the Professional Writing program at York University and most recently become a certified Seniors Fitness Instructor. While he did not take after his father in the maths and sciences, growing up with new “innovations” around the house all the time left an indelible mark on the boy.  Recognizing that entrepreneurial fire inside of himself, Andrew jumped at the chance to be part of a start-up with his dad. Starting first with the Hiker adult tricycle, then the p44 Stepper, and now the pFIT portable group strength training program, Andrew loves the challenge of creating something from nothing. And being able to communicate the very technical advantages of his father’s products to the public makes Andrew one half of a great team.